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Why do we celebrate the opposite day in january?

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Actually with regards to the date of celebration, most people believe that opposite day falls on the 25 th of January, which is the day that everyone is accustomed to right now. However, some experts claim that the Opposite Day should fall on the 7 th of January. Nevertheless, perhaps the reason why such day was founded is for people to have fun.

What Day Is Opposite Day?

Why do we celebrate Opposite Day? Opposite Day, also known as National Opposite Day in the United States, is a holiday which is celebrated on January 25th by doing things in the opposite way in which they should be done. Which means that this day is celebrated, or not celebrated as may be the case, by doing everything in the wrong way.

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Don't Not Celebrate National Opposite Day : Department of ? Don't Not Celebrate National Opposite Day By Mark Peters January 24, 2018 In a famous episode of Seinfeld —which aired so long ago I think I first saw it on a cave wall—George Costanza realizes his life is going nowhere.

How to Celebrate National Opposite Day!? It is also a great day for adults to play along and break out of the winter blues. Maybe we should have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner! Most sources say that National Opposite Day is always observed on January 25th while other sources say it is celebrated by some on January 7th.

Don’t Celebrate National Opposites Day! – Mountain Lake PBS?

Celebrate National Opposites Day ⎯ or not ⎯ on Monday, January 25th!. Welcome to the wackiest, most upside-down day of the year! National Opposites Day is a great time to have breakfast for dinner, read a book from end to beginning, hit the “mirror” button on your next video call, or let your dog take YOU for a walk!. Check out these activities and videos featuring some of our favorite

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