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Why did the police arrest the protester in portland?

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WATCH - Portland Police officers knock a protester off of his bicycle and arrest him outside of Lownsdale Square Park near the Federal Courthouse downtown #LiveOnK2 Portland’s police department continued to defend its actions, though, claiming such measures were necessary to tamp down unruly or unlawful protests.

Why Portland Police Stand By Passively When Leftists Riot?

Police made only three arrests. The protest by antifa in Portland on Feb. 8, organized to counter alleged Ku Klux Klan members who never showed up, received little media attention. And why

Who are the ‘secret police’ in Portland and why do people ? PROTESTERS in Portland are being arrested without probable cause by federal agents acting as a "secret police," activists claim. Here is more about the tense standoff and the unrest in …

Why Portland? When Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler inhaled a face full of tear gas after addressing protesters on Wednesday, something atypical happened in the city's long history of protest

What Do Portland Protesters Want, and How Have the Police ? Early in the protests, protesters broke into the Multnomah County Justice Center and set some of the offices on fire, and the Portland police have reported cases of looting. More recently

Why Do Portland Police Keep Slashing Protesters’ Tires ?

On August 5, street medic Davis Beeman was using his truck to block other vehicles from driving into a crowd of protesters—a practice known as “corking”—when Portland police declared the

Why Do Portland Police Keep Slashing Protesters’ Tires ? While reporting this story, the Mercury learned of more than a dozen alleged instances of police puncturing a vehicle’s tires in the course of Portland's recent protests against police brutality.

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