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Why are cave paintings difficult to interpret?

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Part of the reason for the difficulty in interpreting cave paintings is the fact that scholars still know relatively little about the prehistoric societies responsible for them.

Why did prehistoric people go deep into caves to to make ?

That’s a question scholars have been grappling with since they first discovered prehistoric cave art. One of the limitations we’re dealing with is that there’s incomplete data. We’ve got cave art, since it was sheltered and survived tens of thousa

Why Were Cave Paintings Made? Cave art dates back nearly 40,000 years. Initially, historians believed cave art originated in western Europe, but now see evidence of its emergence in Indonesia. Although artists may have created cave art for different purposes, the pictures remain nearly the same worldwide. Cave art features humans, gods and animals.

Why Is Art So Hard To Understand? Because we don't understand it. We're scared we won't be able to know " what it means" because we aren't smart or cultured enough. Because we put so much thought into the simple act of looking (or listening, or watching-- whichever verb is needed for all forms of art), we create this invisible wall between us and the art.

Why are cave paintings important? They are important because they are the earliest art we know about. The capacity to create art is, as far as we know, a uniquely human trait. This art indicates the ability to think symbolically, and to be creative. It’s truly astounding that art


Answer Reasons why cave paintings were made; Cave art painting is by large considered to have a representative or religious function, or both. The specific implications of the pictures stay obscure. However, a few specialists figure they may have been made inside the shamanic convictions system, ritualistic ceremonies and practices, and documentation of most notable hunting expeditions How the

How were Cave Paintings Made? Also called as parietal paintings, cave paintings are drawings painted on the ceilings and walls of caves during the prehistoric times. They can date back to as long as 40,000 years. It is not known why these paintings were made. According to experts, they were not created for decoration purpose only, because most of these caves are hard to access, and do not show signs of habitation.

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