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Who won the waitress at sundance?

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In an epilogue, Jenna is shown winning the pie contest, as well as turning the diner into a successful enterprise named "LuLu's Pies', and she and Lulu walk home happily. "Seeing Waitress at Sundance was a really emotional experience. The typical format for the festival is that the director is introduced to say a few words before the film begins.

‘American Idol’ Winners: Which Singer Won Each Season ?

The inaugural season of the show also introduced millions of viewers to a then-unknown 20-year-old waitress from Burleson, Texas, by the name of Kelly Clarkson, who would go on to superstardom and

How Sundance went from a place of discovery to a ? The Sundance Film Festival long has been a place where independently made movies slowly get absorbed into the Hollywood mainstream — a snowy paradise where boutique film buyers come every winter

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