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Who was the longest player in the nfl in 2016?

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2016: CB Jalen Ramsey tied for the highest vertical jump (41.5 inches) and longest broad jump (11 feet, 3 inches) of any player at the 2016 combine. 2015: CB Byron Jones set a world record in the broad jump at 12 feet, 3 inches, which was 8 inches longer than any other player since 2006.

Who are Dolphins’ longest tenured players after Bobby ?

The Miami Dolphins have bid farewell to one of their longest tenured players this week, releasing defensive back Bobby McCain after six seasons together in South Florida.

Are NFL Careers Really Getting Shorter? A couple last-minute notes: my numbers are higher than WSJ's across-the-board because, in addition to excluding players who never played, I defined career length inclusively (last year - first year + 1) instead of exclusively (last year - first year).These are in line with Scott's numbers in the draft series and those of the NFL from 2011.They are, of note, substantially higher than the

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