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Who was the inventor of the vertical lift bridge?

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At the same time, another movable bridge was pioneered in Chicago: the vertical lift, designed by J.A.L. Waddell. For several years it was not imitated; later, when its great strength for railroad loading was appreciated, it was repeated widely, in increasing span lengths.


The Houghton-Hancock Bridge was designed by Hazelet and Erdal, consulting engineers, Chicago, as a double-deck, vertical-lift structure, with the railroad passing over …

Canal Street Railroad Bridge (Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge ? The bridge serves a variety of trains including Metra, Amtrak, and Norfolk Southern. The bridge was originally owned by the Pennsylvania Railroad. The bridge is a vertical lift bridge built by Waddell and Harrington, an innovative and noteworthy engineering company associated with famous bridge engineer John Alexander Low Waddell.

WisDOT Structure Inspection Manual? This type of vertical lift bridge is suitable for low lift heights say less than 40 - feet. Structure Inspection Manual Part 3 – Movable Structures Chapter 3 – Vertical Lift Bridges . August 2017 3-3-5 The lift span may be raised or lowered by mechanical machinery or hydraulic cylinders.

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