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Who was the ghoul that faced tsuneyoshi washuu?

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Roma was the founder of the Clowns, information that she kept secret from others as part of her "game". Although young and fragile in appearance, she was in fact the Dodgy Mother, an extremely powerful ghoul who faced Tsuneyoshi Washuu in her early years.

What Was Nimura Furuta's Goal And Ambition?

Nimura Furuta also known as Kichimura Washuu was the main antagonist in Tokyo Ghoul series. For people who have watched the show and read the manga, he is quite an enigmatic character whose motives were not completely revealed even at the end.

What does ccg stand for in tokyo ghoul? The Leadership of the CCG is head by the Chairman of the organization. The current acting chairman is Tsuneyoshi Washuu and is leading the mission to exterminate the ghouls. The second in command of the organization is the Bureau Director and is currently held by Yoshitoki Washuu.

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