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Who was the first guitarist for the eagles?

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The band dressed up as gunslingers for the cover, but if the imagery was hokey, the music was among the most richly atmospheric that the Eagles ever recorded. The band’s first number one album in America, and their first as a quintet with new guitarist Don Felder.

Who Were the Original Eagles Band Members?

The Eagles' original lineup was Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Randy Meisner and Bernie Leadon. The band formed in 1971 in Southern California. Like many bands of the time, each of the members had multiple specialties: frontman Don Henley was vocalist, guitarist and drummer as needed.

Don Henley Dishes on Former Eagles Members Don Felder ? While I agree Don Felder is a great guitarist and a huge contributor to the Eagles, Joe is ten times the guitarist. It was Joe who pushed Felder and drove the Eagles' rock sound.

who played steel for the Eagles? Mostly Bernie,although Al Perkins played on "Ol' 55".I did see part of a post "Hell Freezes Over" TV special where Don Felder was playing steel,but I don't remember the tune.Saw them live 4 times between '74-'79 but there wasn't a steel onstage any of those times.

Don Felder- Great Guitarist? He and Walsh were excellent counterpoint guitarists. The well composed, melodic, Atkins influenced Felder and the wildman Walsh. Together they made the Eagles interesting to musicians. It really can't be stated how popular the Eagles were in the 70s, I've always thought of them as the american Beatles in that sense.

Who was the greatest Eagles guitarist?

- either of the first two albums. The Eagles-sans-Bernie, starting with On The Border, became the ultimate sellout-pop band. Those first two albums were priceless though. Steuart Smith is a beast of a player, but he doesn't really count as an 'Eagles guitarist' in my book though my guess is if you gave Leadon, Felder and Smith 10 songs to

Who was the 'unreasonable one' in the Eagles feud between ? Lets take Joe Walsh out of the equation. By his own admission, he is a ‘hired gun’, a contractor, paid to do a job. His current good health and sobriety has to be highlighted as a result of the Eagles’ bringing him into their group with the provis

Don Felder: 'History of the Eagles' Isn't the Whole Story ? Former Eagles guitarist Don Felder says "it was a pleasure and delight" both to be part of and to check out the vintage footage in the two-part "History of the Eagles" documentary now airing on

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