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Who is willow on liam?

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Willow is a polo player who has a brief flirtatious relationship with Liam. Later in Season 2, Liam is seen going to her for advice on several personal issues. Kathryn is a bartender and the former girlfriend of King Robert Henstridge and Prince Liam Henstridge.

Who Is Wilhelmina On 'The Royals'?

Poor Liam has been through enough already. He doesn't need a toxic girlfriend thrown into the mix. So that just leaves you with one question to ask yourself: Are you Team Willow

What Did Robert Say To Willow On 'The Royals' Finale? Both Eleanor and Liam believe that Willow is a decent, trustworthy person. But maybe now that she has gotten this close to marrying the king, his words make her realize she doesn't want to …

Why Does Bold & Beautiful’s Brooke Want Hope to Stay with ? There comes a time when you have to draw the line. This is a well-trod path for Bold & Beautiful’s Brooke to go down, and yet every time it happens we find ourselves astounded that a mother would encourage her daughter to stay with a man who not only loves two women… but who has proven time and again that he’s incapable of being faithful.. As everyone knows, Brooke spent decades

Do you think Willow really is just using Robert and is ? The way she spoke about him to the press was brilliant to say the least, so it’s of his interests to keep Willow by his side. And it just seems funny how once she was the one in love with Liam while Katherine was the one in love with Robert if you stop to think about it

What Does A Police Horse Do?

Willow Bend Publishing Liam is a valued member of the police department with a very important job. Along with his partner, Officer Eric Lukacs, he patrols areas of the city, meets with school children, and even helps with crowd control at big events. Follow along with this very special horse to learn just what a police horse does every day.

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