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Who is the first social scientist to theorize the relationship between doctor and patient?

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Talcott Parsons was the first social scientist to theorize the doctor-patient relationship, and his functionalist, role-based approach defined analysis of the doctor-patient relationship for the next two decades.


Talcott Persons was the first social scientist to theorize the Doctor-Patient relationship and thus functionalist, role based approach defined analysis of the …

DOCTOR-PATIENT COMMUNICATION: A REVIEW OF THE …? patient is saying, but also to what he is unable to say, encouragements and non-verbal behavior [44-48]. A closely related school of thought is represented by the so …

Doctor and Patient: Giving Medical Receptionists Their Due ? “We should be thinking of the relationship not as a two-way one between doctor and patient or nurse and patient, but as a three-way relationship among clinician, patient and receptionist.” Dr. Ward observed that the most experienced and successful receptionists could rapidly change emotions to meet the patient’s needs.

What Is Action Research? The difference between a social science scenario and an action research scenario is that in social science the aim is to demonstrate a causal relationship (‘If I do this, that will happen’), whereas in action research the aim is to improve practice. However, the power relationships between actor and theorist remain the same.

How Do We Talk About the Physician–Patient Relationship ?

The physician–patient relationship is an important ideal, and a construct central to discussions regarding health systems change and innovation. This review examines the nonempirical literature focused on the physician–patient relationship published over the past 15 years.

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