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Who is the best college football announcer of all time?

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Charlie Jones made our list of top college football announcers (one of five men in the top 20 of this list to be on that list as well), but he was probably best known for his work calling games from the professional football booth. Jones was a throwback to the old AFL days of the 1960s, working with NBC from 1965 through 1997.

What’s your favorite college football announcer moment ?

Before that season, O’Donnell watched and/or played in 38 Illinois losses and went winless in the conference twice. In five years as the color announcer, O’Donnell has called 41 Illinois losses — including the worst loss in Illinois history, a 63-0 debacling on their home field at the hands of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Who is on your Mount Rushmore of college football announcers? 06-27-2019, 09:27 AM. Keith Jackson. Bill Stern 1940-50s legend. Jim Zabel on road trips used to listen to Iowa replay on Saturday nights on WHO, Des Moines with Ed Podalak doing commentary. Larry Munson iconic twang of the "Georgia Bulldog Network". In the 1950s-60s could hear LSU football on clear channel out of New Orleans and the announcers

Who is the most underrated play-by-play announcer today ? Ian Eagle was considered the most underrated play-by-play broadcaster for so long that he became overrated for being underrated. (Kevin Harlan also fit …

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