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Who is required to carry workers compensation in south carolina?

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Employers in South Carolina with four or more regular full-time or part-time employees are required to carry Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Do All Businesses Have To Have South Carolina Workers ?

South Carolina Workers’ Comp exists to protect both employees, employers, and businesses. It is the responsibility of employers to be able to provide their employees with workers’ comp insurance in the event of illnesses and injuries.

What Is Workers' Compensation Insurance? Workers' compensation insurance is required by law in almost every state. Employers are required to carry workers' compensation insurance to cover employees in case they are injured on the job. Much like personal auto or fire insurance claims, workers' compensation claims are handled by an adjuster from the insurance company and the company

What Size Company Needs Workers' Comp Insurance? The number of employees makes a difference in workerscompensation. In Arkansas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina Georgia and New Mexico, it’s required if you have three employees or more. In South Carolina and Florida, you must have workers' comp insurance if …

Do subcontractors need workers comp insurance? Even when subcontractors carry workerscompensation insurance, if they don’t qualify as independent contractors, you’ll still be responsible for providing coverage. In most states, independent contractors aren’t required to carry workerscompensation coverage for themselves, but they can choose to …

Who Must Carry Insurance?

If that employer later decides to drop its workers' compensation coverage, it must file the Exempt Employers Withdrawal of Notice of Acceptance (Form I-9) with the Bureau. If an employer files a Form I-8, it will remain subject to the workers' compensation requirements until a Form I-9 is received and accepted by this Bureau.

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