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Who is matsuri washuu in tokyo ghoul?

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— Matsuri Washuu, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 61. Matsuri Washuu (和修 政, Washū Matsuri) is a Special Class Peacekeeper, a commander in Division II, and the former leader of the S2 Squad. He is the eldest son of Yoshitoki Washuu, thus a member of the Washuu Clan's main family.

What Was Kishou Arima's Objective In Tokyo Ghoul?

His interactions with Minami in Tokyo Ghoul: Jack while he was a teenager, and a young Eto after defeating her later on made him further understand the fucked up world he is currently in. Arima had killed a lot of ghouls as an investigator because he thought he couldn’t escape the Washuu clan and defeat them on his own.

What Was Nimura Furuta's Goal And Ambition? Nimura Furuta also known as Kichimura Washuu was the main antagonist in Tokyo Ghoul series. For people who have watched the show and read the manga, he is quite an enigmatic character whose motives were not completely revealed even at the end. Maybe Sui Ishida purposely kept it that way, but that hasn’t stopped the […]

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