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Who invented the movable bridge?

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He then founded his own engineering company, with offices in Chicago and San Francisco. Specializing in the design of movable bridges, he invented a type of bascule bridge (drawbridge) and a vertical-lift bridge.

Why are we in need of hydraulic bridges?

We are in need of hydraulic bridges because hydraulic systems have a lot of advantages as compared to purely mechanical and electrical systems Advantages of of hydraulic systems 1 ease and accuracy of control By using simple levers and push button

Who Invented the Piano? Since the invention of the monochord and its moveable bridge, instruments popped up all over the world. These include the gugin, (a 7-string Chinese zither), dan bau, (an ancient 1-stringed monochord in Vietnam), koto, (13-string national instrument of Japan), veena, (an ancient Indian stringed lute), organistrum (an 11 th Century hurdy gurdy) and clavichord.

Who Invented The Piano? The players plucked the strings with a pick. About the year 1000 A. D., Guido d' Arezzo invented a movable bridge for the monochord and added keys and more strings. It was in use until the 16th century before "the clavichord" came.

Who invented the piano Huzgo? In 2650 BC, the Chinese invented a stringed musical instrument that they called “ke”, which was composed of strings stretched to a wooden box with a movable bridge. It was later developed and inspired by another instrument called the “Monochord”. A movable bridge that produces more notes.

Who Invented The First Radio?

Answer (1 of 14): Well as far as I read:Lee Deforest invented space telegraphy, the triode amplifier and the Audion. In the early 1900s, the great requirement for further development of radio was an efficient and delicate detector of electromagnetic radiation. Lee De Forest provided that detector. It made it possible to amplify the radio frequency signal picked up by the antenna before

Who Invented The First Missile? Answer (1 of 3): Who invented the first missile really depends on what you mean by a 'missile'.In English, a missile can refer to any object that is propelled through the air - although these days it is mostly used to describe a military self-propelled guided weapon.Based on the above definition, the Taoists of 9th century China can be considered as some of the inventors of missiles.Who

What is a Cantilever Dental Bridge? Cantilever dental bridge. By Dr. George Ghidrai. In most of the cases, the pontic is positioned between the abutment teeth. However, in some clinical situations teeth may not be present on both sides of the toothless gap.. Cantilever bridges are dental bridges that are designed when abutment teeth are prepared on only one side of the missing toothless gap.In such cases, the pontic is located

Who Invented The First Generator?

Michael Farady was the one who discovered electrostatic induction and later on invented the first electric motor. He made the model for the first generator in 1831 which was then worked on by others to develop the modern generator as we know today.

Who Invented The First Newspaper? Answer (1 of 4): If you mean the actual paper to read. Gutenberg invented the movable type which made printing newspapers possible. Johann Gutenberg was born approx 1400 and died approx 1468. He was a german printer and inventor.

What is Koto? Koto are about 180 cm long and have 13 strings that are strung over 13 movable bridges along the length of the instrument. Players can adjust the string pitches by moving these bridges before playing, and use three finger picks (on thumb, forefinger, and middle finger) to pluck the strings.

Cantilever Bridge? Today's longest cantilever bridges by their longest span are still: Quebec Bridge in Quebec, Canada, a road, rail and pedestrian bridge across the lower Saint Lawrence River and ; Forth Bridge a cantilever railway bridge over the Firth of Forth in the east of Scotland, near of Edinburgh City Centre. Its longest span is 520 m. Minato Bridge in Osaka, Japan with its longest span of 510 m.

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