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Who are the members of the national security committee?

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The Deputies Committee: This committee is made up of the deputy national security adviser and second-ranking officials. Among its primary responsibilities is to meet regularly during times of crisis to gather and summarize information for the president, vice president, and members of the full National Security Council.

Donald M. Wilson, EXCOMM, and the National Security ?

National Security Action Memorandum 196, which defined and established the Executive Committee of the National Security Council, 22 October 1962. Donald Wilson became a valued member of Kennedy’s EXCOMM (Bundy had particular praise for the work of the USIA), participating in one of the most delicate and dangerous situations ever confronted by

What Trump's Reshuffling of the National Security Council ? To place a purely political operative on the NSC—alongside actual Cabinet members with national-security responsibilities or expertise—is an unprecedented move with profound implications for

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