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Who are the characters in obadiah stance?

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William Ginter Riva : Mr. Stane. Sir, we've explored what you've asked us and it seems as though there's a little hiccup. Actually, um... Obadiah Stane : A hiccup? William Ginter Riva : Yes, to power the suit... sir, the technology doesn't actually exist. So it... Obadiah Stane : Wait, wait, the technology? Obadiah Stane : William...

Which Iron Man One Character Are You?

You are Obadiah Stane! So, yes, you are a bit of a bad guy, but that doesn't change the fact that you are ambitious, intelligent, and clever. You know exactly how to act around different people, and are a very good liar. When you want something, you will go to the ends of the earth to get it, no matter what the costs are.

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