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Which is the most stylish breed of guinea pig?

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Silkie Guinea Pig – One of the more stylish animals out there has to be the Silkie Guinea Pig, and much of that has to do with their wonderful hair. While the hair is the first thing that you notice, you will quickly be won over by their great personality. It really is easy to understand why they have become such a popular breed of guinea pig.

What Breed of Guinea Pig is the Friendliest?

Below is the tabulation of the top 7 breeds of guinea pigs and their respective score of friendliness indicated against them on a scale of 1-10. 1. Abyssinian (10) 2.

What Is the Friendliest Guinea Pig Breed? Abyssinian Guinea Pig: Friendly and Energetic If you do a quick search on google for “what is the friendliest guinea pig breed” you are bound to see mention of the Abyssinian. Ever since they hit the scene as far back as 13th century Europe, this breed has made friends wherever it goes.

Which guinea breeds/types are the most intelligent? Location. Leeds, West Yorkshire. Oct 21, 2006. #7. chinakit said: I think Abys are pretty intelligent too : Also in my experience, Argentes, Rex and Peruvians are very laid back, especially the boys. Click to expand I agree about Rexes being so laid back, if …

How Much Intelligence Does A Guinea Pig Really Have? The capability and the intelligence of a guinea pig will still be the same though the size changes. The guinea pig’s brain weighs 5.5 grams and its body is 1.04 kg. The Smartest Breed of a Guinea Pig. The crested guinea pig is the rarest and the smartest breed of a guinea pig. It’s also shyer than the rest of its kind.

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