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Which is the main organ of the male reproductive system?

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The male reproductive system consists of sexual organs, accessory glands, and a series of duct systems that provide a pathway for fertile sperm cells to exit the body. Penis - Main organ involved in sexual intercourse. Testes - Male primary reproductive structures that produce male gametes (sperm) and sex hormones.

What Are The Main Parts Of The Human Male Reproductive System?

The prostate has an important role in the male reproductive system, being the organ that produces sperm fluid and transports spermatozoids. The prostate is a muscle-glandular organ and is located in the prostatic lobe. It`s a pelvis-subperitoneal organ that has a weight of around 20 g.

What are the accessory organs of the reproductive system? Click to see full answer. Furthermore, what are the accessory organs of the female reproductive system? The reproductive system includes the primary organs necessary for reproduction - ovaries and the testes, but there are accessory organs as well.For the female, there is the uterus, oviduct, breasts, and vagina.The male has the penis and scrotum for accessory organs.

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