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Which is the best weapon for melee damage?

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The weapon naturally rolls with a 120% Melee Damage bonus, which is the highest roll possible, making it the ideal choice for any Melee Damage build. MOARR Linoge is another Legendary weapon that can have a 120% Melee Damage bonus and is therefore on par with Psycho Stabber.

What would be the best melee weapon for Brawler?

Buttplug seems to be the best melee weapon (level 4 quest reward from Ellie I think). Even though it says 110% melee damage, my quick testing showed that it …

What is the best melee weapon in all of fallot new vegas ? super sledge is the best melee weapon and is able to one with most of the enemy i face in the Mojave wasteland, For a one handed melee user the best melee weapon is the shishkebab (with dlc it is the Gehenna). In conclusion the best melee weapon for total output damage is the chainsaw (best used in early game) for total damage it is "oh baby!"

Which is the BEST MELEE WEAPON? The best good looking to me is dark scycle but the best in doing damage are any military machete or dark machete for blade type, now blunt type, maybe ´crowbars. Well anyway you are opening a thread for everyone's taste, everyone have your own opnion. Probably highest damage blade type weapon would be Katana and Sledgehammer from blunt type.

What is YOUR best melee Frame? Warframe is a game that can be played many ways, and I am interested what synergys you have found with a certain Warframe, melee weapon, or play style. For me it is a Wisp. Pairs with Aero Vantage and a pair of tonfas and 7x damage head shots with a small bunny hop, floating around like a grim reaper.

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