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Which is the best starting zone in world of warcraft?

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The team build of a tank, DPS, and support class are introduced at this time as well. Another aspect that helps this World of Warcraft: Shadowlands starting zone is the level squish. While some fans have complained about the level squish, it makes leveling up to 50 significantly faster.

Why Shadowlands’ New Starting Zone Is Perfect For WoW ?

In fact, it might just be the best starting zone that World of Warcraft has ever had. The release date for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is only a little less than a month away, but the pre-patch and several other features are already in the game.

Why Revendreth Is One Of The Best World of Warcraft Zones Ever? Related: WoW: Shadowlands Witcher Reference Puts A New Spin On A Famous Song The first thing players may notice when arriving in Revendreth is the massive castles and ruins that dot the landscape. Most zones within World of Warcraft tend to focus on wide-open outdoor spaces, so the density of structures in Revendreth makes it stand out. The architecture of these buildings has a clear …

Why World Of Warcraft Is Making Such A Big Change To ? With the new Shadowlands expansion, World of Warcraft is making a major change to its starting zones. Blizzard is sending new players to a place called Exile's Reach, which is level 1-10 zone

Can I skip dk starting zone? Personally I rather start at level 1 than do the DK starter area again. While its not hard, its just time consuming and repetitive. Yes, repetitive. I’ve leveled through it about 25 different times. I might do it again soon. It’s still one of the best opening zone sequences I’ve seen any game do.

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