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Which is the best expansion for world of warcraft?

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Wrath is most people’s favorite expansion. It has the improvements to the game that Burning Crusades brought, but it also refined them and “leveled-up” WoW as a game. Lich King pretty much had it all as an expansion.

What Expansions Are Included in World of Warcraft ?

World of Warcraft is not sold separately, only the latest expansion (currently Shadowlands) is sold separately. If you start a subscription or you buy game time, you immediately have access to all previous World of Warcraft expansions, and you can play all the content and all the maps up to level 50. This includes: The original game content

What is the best World of Warcraft expansion? Wrath of the Lich King, no contest, minus the Armour Penetration shit. I liked the talent trees (except Titan’s Grip, until today I can’t stand it), the gameplay, the way things were done, the zones with Storm Peaks being the best. One of my all-t

What Was The Best World of Warcraft Expansion? Burning Crusade? Were you a Wrath baby? How bout that Cataclysm revamp? Mists of Pandaria: does it come out on top? Or do you love vanilla icecream on your M

Why do people think that WOTLK was the best expansion ? When this board and others at the time detested it and I mean absolutely HATED it. There was such negativity at the time. Do you think it is rose tinted goggles now, or do you think with time people actually now appreciate it being a good expansion or that compared to Cata/MOP, WOTLK was a very good expansion.

Why do people think that WOTLK was the best expansion ?

For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Why do people think that WOTLK was the best expansion" - Page 3.

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