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Which elves are best elves?

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Top 20 Anime Elves: The Best Elf Characters Of All Time Deedlit. Appearing way back in 1991 in the 13-episode OVA, Deedlit is the High Elf MC of the Record of Lodoss War: a... Emilia - Re:Zero. It would've been a shock if Emilia wasn't comfortably at the top of my list. There's no other elf... Tuka Luna Marceau. Tuka is 165 years old. But looks like a typical... More ...

Which elves are best elves — Total War Forums?

Witch Elves are the best Elves. I did once nuke an entire High Elven army with the Twlight Sisters alone. That was one hell of a comeback.

When someone says blood elves are the best race. : wow? The High Elves first aligned with humans during the Troll Wars. They were outnumbered and outmatched, and it was only with the aid of humans that they were able to survive. Despite that, when the shoe was on the other foot and humanity was at risk of extinction from the Horde during the First War, High Elves initially refused any aid.

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