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What are the holiest places in jain?

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Along with Shikharji in Jharkhand, the two sites are considered the holiest of all pilgrimages places by Jain community. Palitana temple complex consists of around 863 marble carved temples spread mostly in the cluster of nine. The main temple is dedicated to Adinatha or Rishabhanatha, the first Tirthankara.

What are some holy places in Jainism?

The Jain places of pilgrimage are classified into Siddha kshetra, Atishay kshetra and Tirtha kshetra. The Siddha kshetras(places from where people have attained moksha) are considered the most revered.

Where is the Holy Place of Jains and Buddhists? Parasnath Hill or Sammed Shikharji for us Jains this is the most holy place as 20 of the 24 tirthankars attained salvation from this place. Girnar is the place from which the 22nd tirthankar Neminath Swami attained moksh. Palitana another very holy place for Jains. Apart from …

Doing god's work! These holy places helped save numerous ? 1 day ago · Jain temples, Hindu temples, churches, mosques and gurdwaras have been converted into COVID-19 care centres. As hospitals ran out of beds, oxygen and other COVID-19 treatment essentials amid a disastrous second wave of the COVID-19 tragedy, places of worship opened their doors for those affected to alleviate their suffering.

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