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What are the different types of electromagnetic flowmeters?

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An electromagnetic flowmeter consists of two parts: Electrode (sensor) and Transmitter. Installation types of magmeters could be: Compact, remote, insertion. Magnetic flow meter is ideal for wastewater applications or any dirty liquid which is conductive or water based.

Do you know electromagnetic flowmeters?

The in-line electromagnetic flowmeters, on the other hand, measure the average speed of the entire pipe section where they are installed. And here lies the main difference between them; for this reason in-line electromagnetic flowmeters are more accurate than insertion electromagnetic flowmeters.

Which are the different types of flow meters? Types of flow meters depend upon how we interfere in the flow profile of fluid. Either we are obstructing its flow or we are using its physical properties or by else means. Popular nine flow meters of different types with their working formula are

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