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What are the dangers of stimulants?

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Dangers of Stimulants. Many dangers may arise if a user is abusing stimulants. Some of the most common dangers include heart attack, sudden death, organ damage, brain damage and death. It is very common for those who abuse stimulants to suffer from long-term heart problems as a result of their stimulant abuse.

Which Types of Stimulants are the Most Dangerous?

For the most part, Schedule I and II stimulants are the most dangerous, as they all can cause overdose, withdrawal, intense cravings, and drug-seeking behavior. MDMA is especially dangerous because there is no safe way to take it. Cocaine is also extremely addictive and is used recreationally to get high, which can lead to overdose.

How Stimulants Affect the Brain? The Dangers of Stimulants to a User’s Brain Stimulants interact with the brain’s dopamine receptors. Although stimulants will cause a person to have increased heart rates which can result in cardiac arrest or stroke, the main impact stimulants have on a …

What are the Consequences of Mixing Stimulants and ? Stimulant Effects of Alcohol. Initially, consuming alcohol causes the brain to release dopamine. It is the chemical that causes feelings of stimulation and energy. Alcohol also increases heart rate and can lead to aggression. These are typical symptoms of stimulants. Stimulant effects of alcohol typically occur when BAC is around 0.05.

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