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How are magnetic flow meters different from mechanical meters?

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Magnetic flow meters are increasingly taking the place of traditional mechanical flow meter designs. While they both measure the flow of a liquid in a pipe, they do so in different ways.

How To Select a Flow Meter?

An overview on how to select a flow meter for your application. More specifically, we're highlighting the differences between the standard mechanical meter t

What are the advantages and disadvantages between a ? What are the differences between the two flow meters? The primary difference between a mechanical meter and a magnetic meter is that a mechanical meter has moving parts and a mag meter doesn’t.

What is a magnetic flow meter and how does it work ? How magnetic flow meters are constructed and how does it work . The important part of a magnetic flow meter is a flow tube and the flow tube is mounted directly in the pipe. There are no moving parts in this meter so that the pressure drop will be the same as in the normal pipe. Mostly the pipes are non-conductive.

What are the advantages and disadvantages between a ? In September we started the discussion of magnetic flow meters versus mechanical flow meters. In the first blog, we talked about the differences in construction and how a meter with moving parts can affect the total cost of ownership through maintenance and reduced performance. In this article, I want to address some of the mounting, accuracy

How a Flow Meter Works Types of Flow Meters RealPars?

While mag meters work based on Faraday’s formula, other flow meters work in different ways. For instance, a mechanical flow meter has some moving, internal parts which may not fit with specific applications such as dirty water that carries large particles that may cause damage or obstruct the internal parts.

What is electromagnetic flow meter? The induction flow meter, as well as the pipeline itself, can be cleaned without its dismounting. The use of the electromagnetic field in the operations eliminates unnecessary mechanical parts, which significantly increases devices work life.

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