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Can you use matplotlib in an ipython shell?

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Multiple show () commands can lead to unpredictable backend-dependent behavior, and should mostly be avoided. It can be very convenient to use Matplotlib interactively within an IPython shell (see IPython: Beyond Normal Python ). IPython is built to work well with Matplotlib if you specify Matplotlib mode.


It is helpful to attach a shell from VSCode to my container so I can run iPython and edit my code all in one place. I run "attach shell" from the VSCode Docker extension: docker exec -it {containerID} bash < Then I open an iPython shell: [email protected]:~/work $ ipython --pylab Python 3.9.1 IPython 7.20.0 -- An enhanced Interactive Python.

How To Use Matplotlib In Python And Ipython To Draw Single ? If you want to save above picture to a local png file, you can run below method to replace Then you can exist python interactive environment and find the test.png file in current directory. >>> plt.savefig('test.png') >>> exit() $ ls -l; 3. Use Matplotlib To Draw Single Line Plot In iPython.

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